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Marine Safety & Environmental Protection



Ensuring all information for MS/EP programs are communicated to the Flotilla

Assist flotilla members with GOOD MATE & IMSEP classes and MSTR progression

Incorporate MS/EP into VE, PE, NS, PA & RBS activities and work with fellow FSO’s

Community Involvement
Coordinate flotilla involvement with local and national environmental protection initiatives

Best Practices
Request guidance from SO-MS & DSO-MS and work with other FSO’s in the Division

Local Marine Safety Information
  • James River Advisory Council - The Advisory Council's vision is to unite the community by supporting and promoting the James River as a common resource and preserving its health, beauty, heritage, economic vitality and recreational value.
  • Marine Safety Qualifications and Manuals
  • Trident Program
  • Marine Safety Training Ribbon (MSTR)
  • Marine Safety Manual
  • Marine Safety Links
  • National Prevention Department
  • Proceedings
  • USCG Prevention Directorate Link
  • Marine Safety and Environmental Protection Officer (FSO-MS)
  • USCG Marine Safety Directive Blog
  • 5th District USCG Marine Safety Blog
  • Sea Partners
  • America’s Waterway Watch
  • The Ocean Conservancy
  • Consortium for Ocean Leadership
  • National Ocean Service
  • Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety
  • National Wildlife Federation
  • Please remember to contact the National Response Center at 800-424-8802 for reporting suspicious activity, oil spills, hazmat releases, and America's Waterway Watch.




















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