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Boating Classes
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BS&S - Boating Skills and Seamanship - This is a 15 session course that covers various aspects of boating including navigation, basic seamanship, weather and radio telephone operation. Class begins on a Wednesday. For a detailed description click here.
SS&S - Sailing Skills and Seamanship - This is a 15 session comprehensive course designed for both the experienced and novice sailor covering sailing terminology,sailboat handling, points-of-sail, boating safety, navigation, rules-of-the-road, knots, boat handling, weather and radio telephone operation. For a detailed description click here
Boat Virginia (State Class) - This six to eight hour class meets the states requirements for boating safety. The requirements can be reviewed here, http://www.dgif.virginia.gov/boating/education/requirement/.
All above courses meet Virginia's boater education requirement.