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Recreational Boating Safety
Participating in the Auxiliary's Recreational Boating Safety program is an important part of Flotilla 31's mission to assist the Coast Guard. You can participate by instructing classes, doing vessel examinations or becoming involved in the RBS visitation program
To learn more about becoming an instructor click here. If you are interested in instructing or assisting with a class please contact the Public Education staff officer. For a listing of upcoming classes click here.
Vessel Examiners
To learn more about becoming a vessel examiner click here.
RBS Visitation Program
To learn more about participating in the RBS visitation program click here.
To download our Flotilla informational brochure, click here.
The V-Department has updated its Program Visitor, Vessel Safety Check and OPFAC Inspection Training modules for 2010. The modules are available on the V-Dept. website at http://safetyseal.net/workshops.
RBS Links
  • National Boating Department
  • National Education Department
  • National Vessel Examination and RBS Program Visitation Department
  • National Education Department
  • US Coast Guard Auxiliary Recreational Boating Safety Wiki










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