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About the Flotilla

Flotilla 31 has a long and proud history of serving the greater Richmond area. The birth date of our flotilla is considered to be the 13th of December in 1939 when Flotilla 4 of the Coast Guard Reserve was chartered. Two years later, on Feb. 19, Congress passed the Auxiliary and Reserve Act of 1941. This act designated the Reserve as a military branch of the active service, while the civilian volunteers, formerly referred to as the Coast Guard Reserve, became the Auxiliary. As the Auxiliary grew the flotillas were formed into Districts and Divisions. Flotilla 4 became the first Flotilla in Division V (V-1) of the 5th Coast Guard District in 1943. A reorganization of Division V occurred in 1962 and the Rappahannock and James River area flotillas were organized into the new Division III. The Richmond Flotilla became Flotilla 31 where it remains today as the oldest Flotilla in Division 3 and 5th District Southern Region.

Flotilla meetings are held the fourth Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM at the Westwood Club, 6200 West Club Lane Richmond, VA 23226.

Elected Officers
Office Name
Flotilla Commander (FC) Michael Raymond
Flotilla Vice Commander (VFC)
Immediate Past Commander (IPFC) Nicholas Kuriger